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City View Anime Gaming Desk Mat: XL 90s Aesthetic Mousepad | Essential Gamer Accessory

City View Anime Gaming Desk Mat: XL 90s Aesthetic Mousepad | Essential Gamer Accessory

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🌆✨ Retro Cityscape Magic ✨🌆

Upgrade your gaming and work experience with our City View Anime Gaming Desk Mat. Designed to transport you to a sunlit city morning from the 90s anime era, this mat captures the golden-hour glow on a plant-filled windowsill. It's not just a mousepad; it's a journey back in time.

Key Features

  • Tailored to Perfection: Custom-made to order for top-notch craftsmanship.
  • Ultra-Smooth Glide: Pixel-perfect mouse accuracy for gamers.
  • No-Slip Grip: Steadfast rubber base for zero interruptions.
  • Just Your Size: Choose from 36″ × 18″ or 18″ × 16″.
  • Sensational Feel: 100% premium polyester for soft touch and durability.
  • A Lasting Impression: Vibrant, long-lasting prints.
  • No Fraying, Only Playing: High-quality edge stitching.
  • Soft Curves: Rounded edges for a refined desk look.

Why Choose Our Desk Mat?

  • Elevate Your Workspace: A fusion of style and functionality.
  • Protect Your Desk: Prevents scratches and stains.
  • Boost Productivity: A clutter-free space enhances focus.
  • Gift of Choice: Perfect for friends, family, or colleagues.


Just Your Size:

Pick from two great sizes:

  • 36″ × 18″ for large desk setups.
  • 18″ × 16″ for more compact spaces.

Care Instructions

Spot Clean: Dab stains with warm water and dish soap.

Gentle Brushing: Use a soft-bristled brush for stubborn spots.

Stay Natural: Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

Shipping & Returns

  • Swift Dispatch: Shipped within 3–7 business days.
  • Peaceful Purchases: 14-day return policy. Need a return or exchange? Inform us within 14 days.


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